Skåne – nature's generosity

Skåne is a land flowing with creamy milk and freshly strained honey. The coastal lamb grazes on flowering thyme and the hare springs right into the hunter's clutches. Yellow fields of rapeseed shimmer and melting butter sizzles in the innkeeper's frying pan.

If you're hungry and close your eyes, you can conjure up the delicious flavours of the region. Wormwood  bitters and apples. Capons and pointed cabbages. Sweet, salty and sour herrings, wild game and fried prawns with jelly. Grapes and melons. Mustard seeds and goose-dripping… and more goose.
Plaice, garfish and freshly salted lumpfish roe, suckling pig shanks and parsnips. Caraway pork and cured ham, sweet cicely and chives.
Eggs made into egg cake and spettkaka cake and just about any other cake… delicious!

The food of Skåne is incredibly generous. You could also say that the food of Skåne offers the best of both worlds. Provincial and international, sweet and sour, rustic and elegant. And each season has its own delicacies: asparagus, strawberries, raspberries… When the first new potatoes are dug up, it's time for a celebration!
Yes, each season has its own charms, but autumn in Skåne offers a particularly bounteous feast.

There are apple markets, goose dinners and plenty more besides… and the innkeepers of Skåne are kept busy when their chefs get the opportunity to refine old recipes.
In Skåne, you're never far from a culinary experience.

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